RedSun  Brings Buyers and Producers together to create  long term Business Partners.

Products currently offered, direct from USA Producers

Ethanol Co Products Include
Dried Distillers Corn
Distiller’s Corn Oil

Corn DDG Pellets
Fuel Ethanol  

We also buy FEED CORN  in bulk Vessels or Containers 

When requesting information , we are happy to help you, however, please vent your buyers and be prepared to provide us with buyers information and product details.  If you are not direct to a buyer and have no information about buyer other then what another broker may have sent you, its likely a waste of time. Also, we generally ignor emails like gmails  , yahoo etc,,,   If your in business you should have company email and some online presence. 

At Redsun, we generally only use End sellers as suppliers.   We stay away from the traders who require transferable LCs , because in most cases they dont actually have direct sources and take LC and then go shopping around.      


For a full offer, please forward you Letter of Intent, which should include, Destination Port, Qty, and Specs.

Registration Number: TN21764014- ALBERTA, CANADA / BN 895 618 098